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Herb has been writing Bail Bonds in Anaheim & Brea for more than five years.

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Herb Laano is originally from the Philippines. However, he has grown up in southern California for the majority of his life. He’s married to one of Grandma Karen’s daughter’s. They have two wonderful children and reside in Buena Park.

As a father and family man, as well as someone who has worked in the correctional environment, you can be sure Herb sympathizes with the families he assists when bailing out their loved one. With this experience, you can feel confident having Herb is on your side when you need help with an Anaheim Bail Bond.

Besides having a Criminal Justice background, Herb has worked as a loan officer, as well as being involved in the health and fitness industry working as a personal trainer and sales associate. When you meet Herb you will see how well it paid off. He is as fit as they come!

Herb has completed over four years in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training achieving a Purple Belt level, and, in his spare time, enjoys all types of martial arts and is involved with fitness and martial arts-related associations.

Herb also puts his background to good use assisting bounty hunter’s in retrieving clients who have skipped their court appearances and now have a warrant out for their arrest. Posting bail for someone means that you will guarantee the defendant will appear in court on the set date. Bounty hunters make sure that happens or the bail bondsman will have to pay the full amount of the original bail set by the court. In some cases, it could put a bail bond agency out of business.