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The Cypress Police Department is a very small jail, the maximum number of inmates that can be housed at one time is 15, which means they don’t hold arrestees for very long. Normally, they will transfer the arrestee in custody to the Orange County Jail within an hour of the time they are booked in. The booking process entails obtaining personal information about the accused, a booking photo, taking their fingerprints and sending a copy of the fingerprints to the Department of Justice to check for any outstanding warrants. Once the fingerprints are returned from the Department of Justice, the booking process is complete.

At this point, we are able to post the bond for their release with the Police Department, so we report to the front desk to submit our paperwork, which normally takes only a few minutes for the jail to review the forms for any mistakes, then they accept our bond and the release process begins.

The release process is very quick since the jail is so small, so you can expect to wait for about 10 minutes, as long as there are no special circumstances that could cause a delay, and the person in custody will walk out through the jail doors.